Servant Team

Role of the Servant Team: To be the guardians of the classis mission/vision, coordinate and empower the work of the commissions, to facilitate the working of classis, and to act on behatf of classis between sessions. The servant team shall be composed of the president, vice president, and the commission moderators. The visionary leader, stated cierk and treasurer shall be ex-officio (non-voting) members. To the degree possible this team shall  be comprised of an equal number of crergy and no clergy members.

The servant team is accountable to the classis.


To be guardians of the vision and mission statement

Support and coordinate the work of the ministry commissions

Receive and review regular reports from the commissions to include goals and objectives

Recommends classis budget

Assigns financial requests to commissions

Process and recommends request for permission to borrow from congregations

Recommends annual automatic credit limits for congregations

Provides financial accountability for treasurer work including financial reviews

Acts as the personnel committee for classis staff

Coordinates and proposes nominations

Prepares and recommends bylaw changes

Initiates special incentives and assigns to commissions if appropriate

Approves and arranges for ordinations and installations

Process and recommends overtures unless appropriate to assign to a ministry commission

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