FAITHWALKING Wisconsin Circle

Equipping You To Live The Fully Human,
Fully Alive, Missional Life.

We are a group of Christians in Wisconsin seeking to master the Faithwalking content and utilize it as we live missionally in our context.  While Faithwalking events are open to all, our sponsorship comes through the Reformed Church in America.


Faithwalking is a spiritual formation process where people are increasingly following the way of Jesus, experiencing ongoing transformation, and developing effective practices for missional living: serving the poor, the marginalized, and those in need; working for the common good; and restoring individuals, social systems, communities, and nations to God’s intended design.


Because we believe that...

Good News restores people to full humanity. Inner healing and growing in emotional maturity are keys to transformation. Fully human individuals join God with others on God’s mission in the world. A safe and supportive community is crucial to risk learning radical obedience. Transformation is fostered by continuous engagement with the prophetic voice of Jesus who calls us to living counter-cultural values in the systems and structures of the culture.

. . . we are committed to Faithwalking, a movement of personal transformation that empowers people to join God’s mission in the world, impacting every dimension of life.

Mental Model of Discipleship

The mental model of discipleship is at the very core of our curriculum. We believe that as we live into the practices of the mental model of discipleship we will begin to live into our calling to live missionally. The mental model of discipleship is made up of three interdependent practices of radical obedience, the reflective life, and authentic community.

A Reflective Life

Fostering or practicing spiritual disciplines that produces real, authentic encounters with God is what we mean by the term the reflective life. Jesus said, “I’m the vine and you are the branches. If you abide in me you’ll bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.” Jesus calls us to obedience and then tells us that we can’t be obedient unless we abide in Him.

Radical Obedience

Every follower of Jesus has been not only called to be a disciple but also sent to make disciples, to continue the mission that Jesus began. We believe that our mission and our life should be one integrated whole. This means joining God on mission is not an afterthought to “real life” or an add-on to Christian living. Joining God on mission is the very heart of our discipleship.

Authentic Community

It is our deep conviction that the abundant life to which Jesus calls us is a missional life that is lived with others in an authentic community. This authentic community becomes a practical incarnation of the unconditional love of God for God, self, neighbors, strangers, and enemies.

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