FAITHWALKING Wisconsin Circle

Equipping You To Live The Fully Human,
Fully Alive, Missional Life.

The Faithwalking "Core 4" Courses are designed to walk you through a personal transformation journey that includes practices in spiritual formation, inner healing, emotional maturity, and missional living . We believe that our work in personal transformation clears space for us to effectively get on mission with God in the world.
At this point our circle is offering Faithwalking 101 Retreats and Faithwlaking 201 coached seminars.


Faithwalking 101

is the beginning of your spiritual formation process. During 101 participants hear presentations about being fully human and fully alive according to God’s design and how that makes a difference in their world. FW 101 is currently offered in a two-day retreat format.


Faithwalking 201

FW 201 is a 24-week biweekly seminar series that provides participants with practices and conceptual tools for partnering with God in doing the work of personal transformation in your life. Building on what you learned in Faithwalking 101, you will be practicing tools that are designed to help you engage a lifelong journey of personal transformation.


Faithwalking 202

Following FW 201, you can take our two advanced courses in whatever order you want. Faithwalking 202 is designed to deepen participants understanding and more fully integrate the transformational practices introduced in 101 and 201.


Faithwalking 301

The other advanced course within the core four is Faithwalking 301. FW 301 looks to increase your capacity to love like Jesus loved and to develop a deeper understanding of what it means to live on mission with God in the world. 301 is held over 10 weekly meetings on Google Hangouts.

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