FAITHWALKING Wisconsin Circle

Equipping You To Live The Fully Human,
Fully Alive, Missional Life.


It is our deep conviction that Jesus demonstrates the fully human, fully alive life to which we are all called. As you participate in our ongoing spiritual formation process, you may discover a new sense of passion and desire to make an impact in the world. You will also receive teaching, coaching and support as you identify and remove obstacles that stand in the way of fully living the life God created you to live.

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We teach, coach, and empower leaders to equip their communities to live the fully human, fully alive life that Jesus lived. Our core work centers around helping you and those in your community to master the work of spiritual formation, inner healing, emotional transformation, and missional living.


Developing a rhythm of spiritual practices that empower you to be increasingly authentic with yourself, with others, and with God about who you were created to be and to tell the truth about obstacles that stand in the way of becoming all God designed you to be.


Making progress toward a full, ongoing expression of your true self, we believe that inner healing must take place. In childhood you had experiences that shaped your view of yourself and of the world. Finding healing for wounds sets you free to move forward in power.


Learn to see how anxiety - yours and others around you - causes you to react, rather than respond to those around you. You'll learn how to better define and express your own values while staying less anxious, and connected with those who disagree.


We believe Jesus calls us to a missional life, and as we discover what that means for us, and practice missional living,  we will experience a sense of being alive that is possible in virtually no other way.

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